txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing across all major mobile networks in Sweden via WyWallet. WyWallet was formed by T4 Sverige, the Swedish operators’ joint venture between Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

When the news was announced of an alliance across all mobile operators, being set up, we got to work on making sure we were ready. We have invested heavily in our platform and the MNO’s requirements to support WyWallet as an Aggregator over the course of the last year.

“In Sweden, the four major mobile operators have teamed up to create the WyWallet mobile payment service.”

WyWallet to be a benchmark for other markets

It is quite possible that WyWallet will become a standard in the industry with regards to how successfully to deliver a mobile payments initiative. Only time however will tell on this, but allowing mobile subscribers to keep as much as possible the same to the way they make payments at at this time will help uptake.

WyWallet requires Aggregators. Aggregators require WyWallet.

Service providers thinking they can go to WyWallet direct and get the type of mobile billing they require are mistaken. All service providers still need to connect to a Mobile Aggregator to deliver billing via a Short Code to enable SMS Payments (Pay by SMS).

txtNation work directly with WyWallet (txtNation being only one of several partners certified to do so) as an aggregator, meaning clients that want to connect to WyWallet whilst maintaining existing flows they have had previously with SMS Billing and / or a Short Code, need to go via an aggregator like txtNation (acting as a sub merchant), to perform the connection to the WyWallet platform.

  • WyWallet is exclusively a ‘charger’ only. txtNation provide the connection for Short Code connectivity to WyWallet. This is required to bill mobile users via SMS or via in-App Billing.

To Note: WyWallet only allows Short Codes to certified aggregators. It is the aggregators role to deal with merchants below them.

Source and Read more: txtNation certified with WyWallet

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  1. So this replaces SMS as we know it. How many people are now signed up to this WyWallet?


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