What is life like at txtNation?, a leading Mobile Aggregator and SMS Gateway.

Being a Mobile Aggregator ‘means you have direct connections to mobile operators’. i.e. ‘tier-one’. This is where txtNation sit in the value chain.

Most service providers connect to companies like txtNation for their Mobile Billing and Messaging, choosing us as we have these relationships with the telco’s formed and developed.

From these direct mobile operator connections, we can leverage our connectivity and offerings to all service providers. We pride ourselves on having a great reputation – being rock solid technically, reliable, offering good support and enabling high throughput and providing complete financial transparency.

txtNation process millions of messages each month with the majority of billing and messaging traffic running via our direct connections.

We move towards being more of a global mobile aggregator – working in multiple key markets and are situating ourselves as an aggregator and SMS gateway that enables business to Mobile Billing and SMS messaging services via a wide range of connectivity options and API’s.

Day to Day life at txtNation. Leading Mobile Aggregator.

txtNation, day to day runs like clockwork – example duties include supporting all of our clients (service providers) to enable growth, providing up to the minute transactions and financial information and breakdowns – backed up by an accounting team that works tirelessly to ensure payouts and reconciliation. Support that works 24.7 and enables new market and technical opportunities.

Adam Williams, txtNation Network Co-Ordinator quotes, “The best thing about txtNation? No single day is the same. Our industry is so fluid and so varied; a new challenge is always just around the corner. As an multi-national business, we work with many different cultures and discover new opportunities every day.”

txtNation provide industry experienced Account Managers that you can contact to discuss any issues or plans for your services – they are even available to bounce ideas off!

Liam James, txtNation Account Manager quotes, “Life at txtNation is both rewarding and challenging. Day to day the industry moves and as it moves, so do txtNation!”

Expanding our coverage as a Mobile Aggregator.

txtNation are now listed in the top 10 global mobile aggregators for global reach – encompassing coverage and connectivity. Support is present in multiple markets with localised offices that support local languages. txtNation support and enable the following services via our Direct Operator Connections:

Mobile Billing:
Premium SMS
• Short-Codes for Mobile Billing
Direct Operator Billing

• Short-Codes for Standard Rate SMS (Non-Premium SMS)
Bulk SMS
• HLR Lookup

Author: Michael Whelan


  1. I understand your move to being directly connected in your key markets – a good strategic move. I must add though that you cant ignore SP’s looking to other markets you can offer! ;) I can assume you are looking to leverage Direct Carrier Billing in your direct markets?


  2. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the comment – yes txtNation are working 24/7 to brig Direct Carrier Billing in all our direct markets.



  3. I love this work ethic at txtNation. As a fellow mobile professional, I really repect what you guys are doing in this industry.


  4. very useful content on mobile billing and life at txtNation!


  5. txtNation your website and posts are very informative in this space. You sure are leaders in this mobile billing and messaging space. thank you.


  6. great post!


  7. Great read txtNation!


  8. txtNation what do you think of mobile billing options for ‘in – app billing’ in the future?


  9. I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing your post. I am most interested in txtNation and your range of mobile billing and messaging options.


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