SMS Marketing Factoids

To stay ahead of the competition its all about SMS Marketing and brand awareness. With mFUSION ( (txtNation’s Mobile and SMS Marketing platform), you can ensure your mobile message is sent ‘directly’ to your target market.

• 265 million text messages sent each day
• 96.8 billion text messages were sent in 2009
• 97% of text messages are opened (83% of which are within one hour), but typically within 4 minutes
• Average click-through-rate for display advertising online is 0.11%
• Average response rate to direct mail is 2.6%
• Average response rate to SMS campaigns are 28%
• 90.4% of British mobile subscribers use their phones to send text messages
• 80% of mobile users are open to receiving opted-in SMS campaigns

Source: Mobile Data Association, Double Click, Direct Marketing Association & AOP

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  1. affordable marketing

    The data mentioned above shows that SMS marketing is booming these days!


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