Why Mobile Number Portability Lookup (MNP Lookup)?

Using HLR Lookup is now more essential than ever for your mobile marketing success due to more and more customers moving mobile networks, sometimes multiple times.

- Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been released in over 50 countries and growing.
- More than 250 million mobile numbers have already ported.
- Over 2 billion users are able to port at any time.

Whilst Mobile Number Portability benefits mobile customers – giving them the freedom to move provider, however it causes untold headaches for service providers who need to realise the mobile network in order to bill or deliver messaging services to the ‘exact’ operator.

Mobile Number Portability Lookup importance for marketing

Without a Mobile Number Portability Lookup, the service provider not be aware of the mobile network the subscriber belongs to and this can be costly!

Using HLR Lookup you can reduce costs by removing bad mobile numbers and identity those that have ported to another network and more importantly, for your overall marketing success – removing the wasted effort and costs when sending SMS messages for your campaign!

The txtNation Gateway allows our clients to find the mobile operator a mobile subscriber belongs to using our HLR Lookup API connectivity, quickly and easily.

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