Bulk SMS Provider pricing

Have you noticed that when you get a quote from a Bulk SMS provider that it can fluctuate for the same country?

And that they claim to offer the lowest price available and they provide the most reliability?

Here is the reality on what is really happening behind the scenes.

Companies like txtNation are a local SMS Gateway operating ‘locally’ in all of our markets, meaning we are compliant with the local regulators and have direct connections with the mobile networks.

You also have the wrong option – connecting to an off shore SMS Gateway where you are sending from international routes, which means your message may not reach your destination! This is a very important distinction as this may result in your SMS marketing campaign’s success or failure.

Bulk SMS Provider Case Examples

Let run over a couple of examples when using a Bulk SMS Provider:

In the first option, when you send an message it goes to the Bulk SMS Gateway in say usually in under 10 seconds, with 99.9% reliability of delivery on the handset – almost instantly.

If you go via an international routing option to get a cheaper rate (and its cheaper for a reason!) your SMS message gets routed off shore, then maybe via one or two more hops and finally comes back to a local gateway, then back to the phone. This whole process can take up to 10 minutes and in most cases has a 70%-80% delivery rate, meaning a large proportion of users don’t even get the message!

Bulk SMS Providers – Why don’t users get your message?

If using off shore routes with your Bulk SMS Provider, the delivery rates will be very low due to:

– Mobile networks like O2 and Vodafone for example, consider overseas Bulk SMS a form of spam and block the messages.
– As your message is hoping all over the word, it’s more likely to get lost!

This is why we always tell our clients that you may have a cheaper source elsewhere, but check with them how they are doing this, as not sending from a local SMS gateway like txtNation, will lead you with low delivery rates, low response rates (if a two-way campaign) and paying more in the long run.

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  1. I found your blog when i was looking for information on Bulk SMS Software options for our company. This insight is really informative and good to know! I’ll be in touch!


  2. Michael, thank you for this information on Bulk SMS provider options. I am going to circulate this round our team pre-integration. I will reach out to txtNation in the coming months.


  3. I am interested in your Bulk SMS Gateway. Who can I contact?


  4. Great read on why to choose a Bulk SMS provider! Wish I knew this years ago – could have save me much time when connecting to an aggregator.


  5. How can I look to use this Bulk SMS Gateway from txtNation? What is the min volume to start pre purchase?
    Can you email me please, thank you.

    good blog!!


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