Web Opt-in back in the UK! PIN based billing for UK Premium SMS.

There has never been a better time for Premium Rate Service Providers in the UK to go mobile.

txtNation are now working with regulators and partners to enable services to be delivered using PIN based mobile opt-in’s.

Gone are the days of the cowboys within this industry and in their place is the emergence of quality services, regulated by leading mobile aggregators like txtNation and mobile networks.

How the market has changed, with txtNation leading the way, policing service providers we choose to work with and enforcing prior approval to run premium rate services in the UK.

With the re-emergence of this sought after Web opt-in (PIN Based opt-in) it has opened up services to higher conversion rates and low abandonment rates at the point of sign-up and payment. Web Opt-In (WOI) has been allowed back into the market over recent months and has resulted in ‘serious service providers’ going back into the UK market introducing new services and resurrecting services that previously may have failed due to low conversions (based on MO only opt-in’s).

UK Premium SMS market. Service Overview

Web Opt-in allows UK Premium SMS providers to run services that work better from a conversion point of view than any other type of service opt-in. With Web opt-in, customers can enter their mobile number (after agreeing to the terms) and receive a pin to their mobile to which they enter in on the web site (to opt-in).

For years in the UK market this flow has been forbidden, but in recents months we have formed a partnership with PinChecked*, a compliant Third Party Pin Verification system for the UK Premium SMS market that offers protection for Service Providers and Customers.

txtNation welcome service providers once more to the buoyant UK Premium SMS market.

Author: Michael Whelan

* How PinChecked Works

How Pin Validation Works (Web Opt-In Works) for the UK Premium SMS market.

PinChecked is a regulatory compliant solution that allows UK Premium Rate Service Providers to validate their customer’s mobile numbers online using PIN verification technology. The steps are as follows:

1. Service Provider advertises Premium Rate Service on website or landing page
2. Customer enters their mobile number into the form
3. Customer is asked to verify their mobile number by entering in a PIN number
4. PinChecked technology generates and instantly sends a secure PIN via text message to customer
5. Customer enters PIN number in form to complete the sign up process
6. Service Provider communicates with the PinChecked platform to verify that phone number and PIN match
7. Service Provider receives confirmation from PinChecked that PIN and mobile number are compatible [or not]
8. PinChecked records transactions in a regulatory compliant manner leaving a full audit trail

Source: http://www.pinchecked.com/features.php

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