I keep hearing about the benefits of PayForIt over traditional Premium Short Code billing. Well I have decicded to take these arguments for each up against each other to see why people are tuning into the buzz surrounding PayForIt. For the sake of easy reading and clarity I have complied these arguments into a list.

Customer Pro’s!

Convenience – Consumers do not need to register during the checkout process when using PayForIt. Fast, easy and seamless.

Consistency - The pages are locked and the price, terms and company info cannot be changed meaning greater trust. With Short Codes you have to make your own display of your own call to action.

Ease of use – But is that greater than Premium SMS using Short Codes? This debate will carry on.

Trusted Logo – Well it’s early days, but this has potential!

Merchant Pro’s! The main 3.

Higher Conversion Rate - Well that’s what the debate is. Does it really convert better than Premium Rate Call or SMS? Only time will tell.

Opt-In’s are more sticky - Seamless customer payment experience meaning customers are not leaving the site.

Opens up new marketing channels - This is a biggy. The ability to up sell to other services on the back of PayForIt, shows promise.

Author: Michael Whelan

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  1. Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful. Great Post!


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