SMS Long Codes are another, sometimes forgotten about option alongside the more commonly known SMS Short Codes.

The advantages of using SMS Long Codes

When using an SMS Long Code, service providers can benefit from a range of USP’S. The main 3 advantages have been highlighted below:

  • Long Codes are cheaper than Short Codes (Dedicated short codes).
  • Long Codes are faster to set up (if Dedicated). No forms to fill out and immediate allocation.
  • Long Codes are able to work internationally. Short Codes are restricted to the country they are set up.

SMS Long Codes cannot be used to facilitate any type of billing. i.e. Premium SMS. This relies on Short Codes to complete this Mobile Billing transaction.

SMS Long Codes V’s Virtual SIM

There are of course other options as well to consider. Say you wanted a specific number for your Long Code, then you could consider a Virtual SIM set up. A Virtual SIM is a hosted SIM set up in a mobile data centre that can act like a Long Code to receive SMS messages. This also works internationally and is a good option for those that have SIM’s they wish to host.

Long Codes and SIM Hosting are similar options. Long Codes can handle more volumes than a Hosted SIM, however the allocation of the number by the mobile networks is often random. It’s not also guaranteed to get your desired number for obvious reasons.

At txtNation we have many clients that work with SMS Long Codes and Virtual SIM solutions to enable SMS interaction. You can of course hook up an API to reply back to the incoming SMS messages, via a Bulk SMS Gateway account to make the interaction two-way.

If you are looking for a one-way or two way SMS option, you should not discount Long Codes if running Non-Premium, Standard Rate services.

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Author: Michael Whelan

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