QR Codes head to head with SMS!
I am a fan of QR codes and SMS for Marketing, simply becuase it adds an extra dimension to the overall user experience. Both take marketing into an extra dimension.

More and more  media companies are embracing these techinoges into their marketing mix.

The advantages of using QR Codes
QR Codes can be displayed just about anywhere like on t-shirts, packages, statues, stickers, etc. After scanning a code, a user can see a mobile web page, watch a video, make a call, and more. If you use a QR Code service provider, you will even be able to track how many people scan your code, where people scan it, how long people spend on your site after scanning your code, total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code, etc. However, although this information is cool to know, the real insight is actually measuring your offline media and discovering which media channel actually reaches more of your target audience.

Can this be done with SMS?

No, unless you want to create a different sms keyword for each publication you are running ads on, but no marketer in their right mind would do that.

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