Payforit. Is it really everything the networks hoped for and more?

A lot of people still remain unconvinced on Payforit in the UK market. Mainly due to one simple and easy to understand reason – conversions!!

As time has moved on since the first PFI UK release, much has changed, the most notiable is the call to action getting better and more streamlined as subseqent Payforit versions have been released over the years – it’s not surprising that so has conversion rate improved!

At txtNation we have seen a rise of up to 15 per cent on conversion rates compared to short codes (when its used on Mobile Sites – Payforit for WAP).

Payforit was in development for several years years lets not forget and I think that now we are at a stage and timeline where there is a clear user interface and single click payment method that will be a success and consumers will learn to trust.

For me where Payforit truly excels is in the fact that it can immediately open up a marketing channel, almost overnight -Payforit’s MSISDN forwarding or pass-through, facilitates increased billing – It’s that simple. The other improvement is in customer care. Payforit has improved pricing transparency at the point of purchase and also when the mobile payment is confirmed.

Payforit for everyone

Direct Operator Billing as its is in some other countries is not currently possible in the UK. What is very clear when working with the telco’s daily – is the ‘back-end’ for PayForIt is Direct Billing using a operator approved, customer friendly and secure, branded ‘front end’.

Payforit from the customers point of view

Good news for the customer. One click payments!? No shortcode need to be remembered any more and the possibility of fraud is therefore greatly reduced. Customers also need not register! Collaboration and a session with their mobile network operator provides all they need to purchase. No entering credit card details. Simple, anonymous purchases!
any more Finally as we all know, consistency counts! Consistent payment pages from step one of the PFI process instil confidence.

Of course, all these things can still be achieved using Premium SMS of course with Web Opt-in (pin) now possible again via several 3rd party approved PIN suppliers in the UK.

The choice for digital service providers in the UK market in terms of ‘mobile operator backed’ billing, is between Premium SMS using an MO opt-in, Web Opt-in (PIN) and Payforit UK.

Find out more about txtNation contact us at Connect to txtNation, providing PayForIt, across all Uk mobile networks.

Author: Michael Whelan


  1. Michael, I use payforit – what is this other option in the UK for pins you mention here? Can you tell me more? is this web and wap?

    Great read!



  2. Nice sharing thanks for the post. You think Payforit will remain for many more years? Im not so sure with Direct Billing replacing it longer term. Great read, as you say its here now and has great potential for the UK market.


  3. Useful information! I have already been hunting for something such as this for a time now for my mobile site. Many thanks!


  4. Terrific read. How can I use this billing option on my mobile site though? Where can I sign up?? :) Can this mobile billing be used on affiliate programs – is there a tracking code option?


  5. Love the blog. How can I enable Payforit on my site? How many hrs of development will this take? Like the idea of mobile billing.


  6. Great post. You know what you are talking about. If I wanted to add Payforit to my site can you help suggest how I could go about this? I use Credit Card atm and my conversions are not as good as I think PayforIt can handle.


  7. Hi, Thanks for all the comments, please contact us at:

    So we can talk about Payforit for your requirements.



  8. Not a bad post. I would have wanted more detail on how Service Providers can use Payforit for mobile sites as well. Forgive me is about to cover that or have done previously! Great blog.


  9. Nicole Noteralda

    What about the direct billing for other counties in Europe. The Us is a mess with carriers not being able to sort out much in collaboration. It looks like they should take a leaf from the UK market!! Thanks Michael good informative post.


  10. Mia Pulesandero

    Agree with these comments on UK Payforiit. Will it be here in a few years – I think so, but no without some other options as always in our industry! We have the same in Greece.


  11. I read I think your site on this. A nice site for Payforit


  12. Hi Alexander, Thanks for the comment.
    Yes we work hard at txtNation to make sure our version of Payforit is as good as possible, thank you!


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