txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing across all major mobile networks in Sweden via WyWallet. WyWallet was formed by T4 Sverige, the Swedish operators’ joint venture between Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

When the news was announced of an alliance across all mobile operators, being set up, we got to work on making sure we were ready. We have invested heavily in our platform and the MNO’s requirements to support WyWallet as an Aggregator over the course of the last year.

“In Sweden, the four major mobile operators have teamed up to create the WyWallet mobile payment service.”

WyWallet to be a benchmark for other markets

It is quite possible that WyWallet will become a standard in the industry with regards to how successfully to deliver a mobile payments initiative. Only time however will tell on this, but allowing mobile subscribers to keep as much as possible the same to the way they make payments at at this time will help uptake.

WyWallet requires Aggregators. Aggregators require WyWallet.

Service providers thinking they can go to WyWallet direct and get the type of mobile billing they require are mistaken. All service providers still need to connect to a Mobile Aggregator to deliver billing via a Short Code to enable SMS Payments (Pay by SMS).

txtNation work directly with WyWallet (txtNation being only one of several partners certified to do so) as an aggregator, meaning clients that want to connect to WyWallet whilst maintaining existing flows they have had previously with SMS Billing and / or a Short Code, need to go via an aggregator like txtNation (acting as a sub merchant), to perform the connection to the WyWallet platform.

  • WyWallet is exclusively a ‘charger’ only. txtNation provide the connection for Short Code connectivity to WyWallet. This is required to bill mobile users via SMS or via in-App Billing.

To Note: WyWallet only allows Short Codes to certified aggregators. It is the aggregators role to deal with merchants below them.

Source and Read more: txtNation certified with WyWallet

NHS Case Study

Mobile Marketing - NHS

Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: mFUSION; Mobile Marketing and Campaigns

Downloadable: Casestudy_NHS.pdf


Mobile services provider txtNation and the National Health Service have teamed up to provide an SMS service that allows the public to obtain information with sexual health issues. Advice can be sent instantly to any mobile phone from trained NHS experts thanks to the campaign that txtNation have set up.

Course of action

[Service Deployed: Information Messages, Bulk SMS] The mobile user texts ‘NHS’ to a short code and a WAP link will be sent to their mobile phone which has the answers to questions about sex, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception and provides information about where you can get help in your area. The text NHS Mobile Marketing based campaign is completely confidential and because customers can look at it on their mobile phone, the service can be initiated whenever and wherever.


txtNation are providing the services for this campaign which is enabling everyone easy access to the website. Along with the information that will be displayed, the mobile user also has the chance to make an appointment within their local doctor area if necessary. With over one million users, the service has surpsassed all expectations. Accessing the website and using the services provided by txtNation will be charged at the standard network rate.


For more information on Mobile Marketing or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

Big Brother Africa Case Study

Big Brother - txtNation

Country: Africa; Nigeria, Ghana

Service Type: Two-way, Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way Premium SMS (Short-Codes)

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, via the txtNation SMS Gateway, including SMS voting for each eviction and SMS / MMS news alerts.

Downloadable: Casestudy_Big_Brother.pdf


- Time to market, a feature rich platform and a high quality end user experience across all handsets.

- Instantaneous access to revenues through txtNation’s billing gateway and platform.

Course of action

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, including SMS voting for each eviction, SMS / MMS news alerts, text to screen opinions and a number of polls. Each vote was premium rate and a portion of the net revenue generated was donated to charity. txtNation’s long established network of high throughput connections with mobile operators was key to providing a reliable service for such a high volume event. The agreement between Big Brother and txtNation took effect immediately and the mobile offering is being rolled out across the rest of Africa over six – twelve months.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 4x on previous years. txtNation was critical for Big Brother’s Premium Rate services success.


“Participation TV using SMS has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation.”

Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation


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Recorded: Thursday November 8th 3pm GMT (30 mins)
Webcast: HLR Lookup and its uses in Mobile Billing and Messaging.

Rezza Abzadeh, Head of Support discuses how you can use HLR to benefit your business and applications.



i) Overview of HLR; Enabling better Billing and Messaging.
ii) The two types of HLR txtNation provide; MNP and RTLU.
iii) Choosing between our API and our Platform – what is available?


McDonalds Case Study

Mobile Marketing

Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: mFUSION; Mobile Marketing and Campaigns

Downloadable: Casestudy_McDonalds.pdf


McDonalds wanted to maximise their promotions to outlet customers, focusing on ROI as a measure of success.

Course of action

[Service Deployed: Competitions & Quizzes] All McDonalds stores across the UK had new tray-liners / mats printed and distributed throughout the outlets to win tickets to various nationwide concerts.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 8x that of conventional methods of promotions to date. The campaign has since been deployed in other markets, powered by txtNation.


“The work involved was formidable, especially as this involved constant adjustment. The software which I now use daily is from txtNation. If you wish to set-up and market to your customers via SMS, I would strongly suggest that you look at txtNation.”

James Turner, McDonalds


For more information on Mobile Marketing or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

Castrol Oil Case Study

Castrol Oil Logo

Country: UK, Ireland

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way SMS

Castrol, in association with a partner, commissioned txtNation to provide their mobile two-way interactive SMS services. Text: OIL to 60999 in both the UK and Ireland markets.

The service is currently advertised across all major petrol stations across the UK and Ireland, encouraging people to check their oil levels.


To be uploaded shortly.


For more information on this service or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

Over the last several years we have managed to assist our clients with many Bulk SMS service deployments, across a wide range of scenarios.

Listed here are some of the most common and typical, showing the impact of Bulk SMS on a business from not only a communication point of view but also and often more importantly, a cost savings perspective.

Listed below are ‘real – world’ savings to each of the below businesses:

Purpose of SMS Messages: Average number of SMS messages sent: Process used prior to using SMS: Cost savings made since SMS was introduced: Benefits to the organisation since SMS was introduced:

Patient appointment reminders.

Implemented in April 2010


1200 per month 


No reminders sent. £3k in nurse appointments annually£15k in missed GP appointments annually 


Failed appointments per month have dropped from 40-50 hours to 20 hours with associated cost savings. 

Number of phone numbers they have on record has Quadrupled with patients of all ages volunteering their numbers. No cost to GP practice for implementing the service.

Budget Car Insurance 

Reminders for car insurance renewals


3000 per month Email and hard copy letters. £10,500 annually in resource and paper costs. Budget now experience better conversion on renewals and find that their customers experience a smoother renewal process being informed to their mobile rather than a letter which a large majority were not reading.

Monthly invite for an annual review for patients with long term chronic conditions i.e. asthma



100 first contact attempt texts sent per month 


Surgeries must send three letters to patients inviting them for an annual review of chronic conditions before the Patient is excluded from the process due to non-responsiveness. 


£2676 annually in paper, envelopes, postage, staff time and photocopies. 


Cost and staff time plus quality benefits in improved service to patients.
Greater Anglia Trains 

Customer notifications for disruption to services.

Ad hoc. messaging 

Average: 1000 per month

No real-time alerts for regular customers. Just platform announcements when customers were already in the train station. No costs savings against previous output as no action was being taken. Far improved customer satisfaction.
City North Hotel 

Customer reminders of reservations and details of their stay.

500 per month Emails and postal confirmations. Customers given the choice to opt-out of postal confirmations and choose SMS instead provided savings of £2500 annually. Better customer experience.
Mobile engagement was considered by customers to be more in tune with modern consumer expectations.
National Express 

SMS tickets and confirmations.

5000 per month Printed tickets reduced by 30% with customers opting for a mobile ticket instead. Estimated £8,500 annually

SMS tickets more suited to the target audience using the national express services. More convenient and more immediately delivery of tickets.

Green image for the company for reducing paper usage over a year.

Cost Relief: Savings made through the implementation of Bulk SMS communications.

Author: Danny Marino

SMS Long Codes are another, sometimes forgotten about option alongside the more commonly known SMS Short Codes.

The advantages of using SMS Long Codes

When using an SMS Long Code, service providers can benefit from a range of USP’S. The main 3 advantages have been highlighted below:

  • Long Codes are cheaper than Short Codes (Dedicated short codes).
  • Long Codes are faster to set up (if Dedicated). No forms to fill out and immediate allocation.
  • Long Codes are able to work internationally. Short Codes are restricted to the country they are set up.

SMS Long Codes cannot be used to facilitate any type of billing. i.e. Premium SMS. This relies on Short Codes to complete this Mobile Billing transaction.

SMS Long Codes V’s Virtual SIM

There are of course other options as well to consider. Say you wanted a specific number for your Long Code, then you could consider a Virtual SIM set up. A Virtual SIM is a hosted SIM set up in a mobile data centre that can act like a Long Code to receive SMS messages. This also works internationally and is a good option for those that have SIM’s they wish to host.

Long Codes and SIM Hosting are similar options. Long Codes can handle more volumes than a Hosted SIM, however the allocation of the number by the mobile networks is often random. It’s not also guaranteed to get your desired number for obvious reasons.

At txtNation we have many clients that work with SMS Long Codes and Virtual SIM solutions to enable SMS interaction. You can of course hook up an API to reply back to the incoming SMS messages, via a Bulk SMS Gateway account to make the interaction two-way.

If you are looking for a one-way or two way SMS option, you should not discount Long Codes if running Non-Premium, Standard Rate services.

Read more on SMS Long Codes.

Author: Michael Whelan

HLR lookup can save save thousands for businesses that look to use this information to then deliver Premium SMS or Bulk SMS messages.

How is this possible when using HLR Lookup?

HLR will identify if the phone is on or off and also on what network the customer is contracted to, meaning your message will get ‘through’ once you know this information in advance.

It is very common that companies throw money away when running SMS Push and Bulk SMS Campaigns, mainly due to the lack of correct information in the first place!

Some figures show that some companies lose as much as a whopping 30% from mobile numbers being incorrect, due to for example the customer having previously moved their mobile networks provider.

That’s 30% of a business’ cost that can be used to elsewhere – i.e. a better data source!

Using HLR Lookup takes away all of the guesswork out of SMS messaging and with this it also increases significantly the delivery rate to ‘real’ mobile numbers, that are in service.

txtNation provides companies both an API and an online system that can be used to validate and check a mobile number, in real time.

Costs of Number Lookup

Performing a lookup on a mobile number can cost under a quarter of the cost of sending an SMS message. It also can be used to check if the data lists are valid, therefore saving significant marketing costs when it comes to sending the SMS messages later on. This can also be said to be true for Premium SMS, as by a business knowing the mobile number and network, you can best identify the route in which to later charge the mobile user for a service that is ‘paid’ for. e.g. PSMS Web Opt-In.

Read more on using txtNation as your Mobile Number Lookup Provider.

Author: Michael Whelan

To ensure quality on your Bulk SMS campaigns, you need to be sure the messages get sent via an Bulk SMS Gateway that is reliable and is cost effective, right?

Well, yes your right on these points, but how do you measure reliability and how do you know if your ‘future’ Bulk SMS messages will arrive on the handset?

No interconnects for your Bulk SMS Gateway?

When choosing an SMS Gateway, you need to be sure that they have direct routes into the mobile networks. Over the course of the last year, mobile networks worldwide are working on ensuring Bulk SMS providers messages do not come from off-shore routes and are always ‘terminated and sent’ from their network. There are some mobile networks that have even gone as far as to cut off this outside connection, meaning to get your message through, the SMS needs to be routed via the mobile operators network ‘only’.

Are the days of using low quality, cheap off-shore Bulk SMS service providers delivering to hundreds of markets coming to an end?

Over time I think that Bulk SMS service providers will need to connect to SMS gateways or aggregators that have the relationships direct!

Obviously not every service provider can get a mobile ‘direct’ connection like us (we don’t expect that!, besides they can use our gateway for this), so they must make sure when choosing an SMS Aggregator to handle their Bulk SMS messaging that they look for this is in place.

Bulk SMS Gateway – Quality first!

At txtNation, we are connected to mobile operators to facilitate Bulk SMS in many markets around the world. This makes it simple to route and terminate messages on the mobile network.

Every day we advise clients on the impact of using these other options as it’s become more of an integral part of the process of speaking with clients on delivering ‘quality’ Bulk SMS options.

Don’t be surprised if more of these off-shore routes are closed down as time goes on and the focus goes back to where it should be – reliable, quality messaging throughput via an SMS Aggregator!

Read more on using txtNation as your Bulk SMS Provider.

Author: Michael Whelan