From the Mobile Entertainment Forum, a new study was released based on survey results from more than 8,000 mobile consumers across 9 countries. MEF’s global study highlights how many customers prefer mobile billing than other alternative methods of payment.

How many customers prefer Mobile Billing?

82% of respondents across all countries surveyed have used their mobile phone to engage in commerce, to either research or purchase items, while 71% have used their mobile phone to make purchases of everything from virtual and digital goods to physical tickets, books, and electronic goods.

Mobile Billing

Direct Operator Billing Acceptance

The MEF data shows that mobile operator billing is, in fact, the most commonly used way of paying for purchases, with roughly 39% of respondents using this method.

Direct Operator Billing

* Source: MEF Global Consumer Survey 2011. Base = 8,530 respondents across 9 countries who have participated in mobile commerce.


  1. Hi,
    I’m curious in which countries the respondents are based and if all mentioned payment methods are present in that market. Do you have a link to the original report?


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