McDonalds Case Study

Mobile Marketing

Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: mFUSION; Mobile Marketing and Campaigns

Downloadable: Casestudy_McDonalds.pdf


McDonalds wanted to maximise their promotions to outlet customers, focusing on ROI as a measure of success.

Course of action

[Service Deployed: Competitions & Quizzes] All McDonalds stores across the UK had new tray-liners / mats printed and distributed throughout the outlets to win tickets to various nationwide concerts.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 8x that of conventional methods of promotions to date. The campaign has since been deployed in other markets, powered by txtNation.


“The work involved was formidable, especially as this involved constant adjustment. The software which I now use daily is from txtNation. If you wish to set-up and market to your customers via SMS, I would strongly suggest that you look at txtNation.”

James Turner, McDonalds


For more information on Mobile Marketing or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

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  1. Maragret Bowler

    I will be in contact shortly to discuss similar opportunities. We deal with on pack and live events – I’m thinking we can do something similar here for some great mobile marketing.


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