Today there are many ways to pay via the mobile. The most common Premium SMS is still at the forefront of merchants payment options.

There are however a few new kids on the block. The most recent being PayForIt, which is a prebuilt service that bills direct to the phone, via interfacing a WAP or Mobile site.

Payforit allows customers to purchase content or services on the mobile and the internet and charge it to their mobile phone. PayForIt has been mandated by all UK Mobile Networks.

Another option is Direct to Phone Billing to which operators are starting to push.

Whatever the billing and whether is uses a Short Code using SMS or PayForIt via the WAP deck, the customer is billed and gets a receipt of their transation.

What options becomes most common? Well that depends on many variables, including the market (country), the type of service, the marketing and the audience. There may not be one winner in all of this each having their own advantages for specific purposes.

Author: Michael Whelan


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