Quality assurances in your Bulk SMS Gateway provider

Over the last few years Bulk SMS has exploded in it’s usage, with more and more companies looking to service their customers in a more efficient and cost effective way.

The usage of SMS as means of information and communication is growing at around 7 to 8% and markets like Africa and the Middle East are surpassing double this figure.

At txtNation, as a mobile aggregator that specialises in Mobile Billing and messaging we have been hard at work developing our Bulk SMS Gateway platform to cater for large volumes of messages at the best quality. This post follows on from the last blog we wrote about one-way SMS – Futures – Bulk SMS Messaging.

At txtNation, our flagship Bulk SMS Gateway is based entirely on the Nokia protocols – meaning high throughput for Bulk SMS with high reliability.

Why Bulk SMS Gateway Quality matters

I base SMS messaging quality on the following and most important points, several of which I will touch on throughout this post.

– Throughput and Speed
– Delivery Reports (DLR’s / SDN’s)
– Price

Some simple and effective questions I recommend you ask your Bulk SMS Gateway provider:

– Ask what relationships the SMS provider has with the networks you are looking to send messages on. As the more layers in the chain, the less likely to be a success (long term!)
– Ask the throughput of the Bulk SMS Gateway.
– Ask for the Service Level.
– Ask the type of payment plan.

Author: Michael Whelan

What we bring to the table

Price of your Bulk SMS Gateway

Our messaging platform ensures that all messages are routed in the most cost efficient way whilst ensuring quality throughout. In collaboration with our mobile operator relations, we we are confident that our solutions deliver at the best price, with the best quality.

Our mobile network connectivity

We have strong, Tier-One relations with mobile operators around the world for our mobile messaging. This has expanded further, on the back of our mobile billing and SMS payment connections over the last several years.

Choosing txtNation as your provider for your Bulk mobile messaging is a choice of hundreds of companies have made, who rely on a bulletproof and reliable Mobile Gateway.


  1. Just seen this post from LinkedIn feed. I agree with most of your points, Michael. I have to say I’m thinking of moving Bulk providers atm – what can you do for me price wise?


  2. Hi Paul,

    Please contact us for pricing information at:

    So we can talk about Bulk SMS.



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