Texttaxi Case Study


Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code), Bulk SMS

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way SMS

txtNation was approached by Texttaxi who needed a messaging solution for their new venture in aiding people to find a taxi quickly using their mobile handset. txtNation was the natural answer for their needs.

Course of Action

Texttaxi allows people to text the word ‘TAXI’ and the name of their town to a shortcode. In return, they get a message back listing taxi firms and contact numbers in their area, pulling the information from a database.  Travel arrangements can be made with little fuss.


This service is also available online and will give users a directory of local taxi firms. This service has been a boon to natives and tourists alike who need to make travel arrangements quickly and easily. Texttaxi discovered a new way to generate revenue seamlessly because of the flexibility of the txtNation platform and the professionalism and market-leading knowledge of txtNation.

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Big Brother Africa Case Study

Big Brother - txtNation

Country: Africa; Nigeria, Ghana

Service Type: Two-way, Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way Premium SMS (Short-Codes)

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, via the txtNation SMS Gateway, including SMS voting for each eviction and SMS / MMS news alerts.

Downloadable: Casestudy_Big_Brother.pdf


- Time to market, a feature rich platform and a high quality end user experience across all handsets.

- Instantaneous access to revenues through txtNation’s billing gateway and platform.

Course of action

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, including SMS voting for each eviction, SMS / MMS news alerts, text to screen opinions and a number of polls. Each vote was premium rate and a portion of the net revenue generated was donated to charity. txtNation’s long established network of high throughput connections with mobile operators was key to providing a reliable service for such a high volume event. The agreement between Big Brother and txtNation took effect immediately and the mobile offering is being rolled out across the rest of Africa over six – twelve months.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 4x on previous years. txtNation was critical for Big Brother’s Premium Rate services success.


“Participation TV using SMS has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation.”

Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation


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McDonalds Case Study

Mobile Marketing

Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: mFUSION; Mobile Marketing and Campaigns

Downloadable: Casestudy_McDonalds.pdf


McDonalds wanted to maximise their promotions to outlet customers, focusing on ROI as a measure of success.

Course of action

[Service Deployed: Competitions & Quizzes] All McDonalds stores across the UK had new tray-liners / mats printed and distributed throughout the outlets to win tickets to various nationwide concerts.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 8x that of conventional methods of promotions to date. The campaign has since been deployed in other markets, powered by txtNation.


“The work involved was formidable, especially as this involved constant adjustment. The software which I now use daily is from txtNation. If you wish to set-up and market to your customers via SMS, I would strongly suggest that you look at txtNation.”

James Turner, McDonalds


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Payforit is gaining more and more traction as a mobile billing option for merchants, both on-line and on-mobile.

Payforit 4 Release

With the new release of Payforit version 4, there are many significant improvements that will help both merchants and consumers.

With it’s clear pricing and its improved ease of use there is much potential for Payforit version 4, in the UK.

Payforit 4 New Features

Several new features will be released May 15th, that include:

- Improved Payment Screens
Clean look and feel with improved design for more conversions.

- Single Click Billing
Payforit now allows for repeat user billing to be done with ease.

- Support for Payforit 4
Payforit works with regulators and merchants support in mind.

- HTML5 Payforit Payments
Payforit now offers a suitable sized payment screen for the type of browser or app.

The comparisons and debate of Premium SMS V’s Payforit will continue long into the future. At txtNation, we believe both mobile biling options will be co-exist depending on the service or application type.

Further Reading:
View our Payforit API.
Check out out page on how to connect to Payforit!


txtNation Payforit UK

Payforit. Is it really everything the networks hoped for and more?

A lot of people still remain unconvinced on Payforit in the UK market. Mainly due to one simple and easy to understand reason – conversions!!

As time has moved on since the first PFI UK release, much has changed, the most notiable is the call to action getting better and more streamlined as subseqent Payforit versions have been released over the years – it’s not surprising that so has conversion rate improved!

At txtNation we have seen a rise of up to 15 per cent on conversion rates compared to short codes (when its used on Mobile Sites – Payforit for WAP).

Payforit was in development for several years years lets not forget and I think that now we are at a stage and timeline where there is a clear user interface and single click payment method that will be a success and consumers will learn to trust.

For me where Payforit truly excels is in the fact that it can immediately open up a marketing channel, almost overnight -Payforit’s MSISDN forwarding or pass-through, facilitates increased billing – It’s that simple. The other improvement is in customer care. Payforit has improved pricing transparency at the point of purchase and also when the mobile payment is confirmed.

Payforit for everyone

Direct Operator Billing as its is in some other countries is not currently possible in the UK. What is very clear when working with the telco’s daily – is the ‘back-end’ for PayForIt is Direct Billing using a operator approved, customer friendly and secure, branded ‘front end’.

Payforit from the customers point of view

Good news for the customer. One click payments!? No shortcode need to be remembered any more and the possibility of fraud is therefore greatly reduced. Customers also need not register! Collaboration and a session with their mobile network operator provides all they need to purchase. No entering credit card details. Simple, anonymous purchases!
any more Finally as we all know, consistency counts! Consistent payment pages from step one of the PFI process instil confidence.

Of course, all these things can still be achieved using Premium SMS of course with Web Opt-in (pin) now possible again via several 3rd party approved PIN suppliers in the UK.

The choice for digital service providers in the UK market in terms of ‘mobile operator backed’ billing, is between Premium SMS using an MO opt-in, Web Opt-in (PIN) and Payforit UK.

Find out more about txtNation contact us at http://txtnation.com/about/call/. Connect to txtNation, providing PayForIt, across all Uk mobile networks.

Author: Michael Whelan

Web Opt-in back in the UK! PIN based billing for UK Premium SMS.

There has never been a better time for Premium Rate Service Providers in the UK to go mobile.

txtNation are now working with regulators and partners to enable services to be delivered using PIN based mobile opt-in’s.

Gone are the days of the cowboys within this industry and in their place is the emergence of quality services, regulated by leading mobile aggregators like txtNation and mobile networks.

How the market has changed, with txtNation leading the way, policing service providers we choose to work with and enforcing prior approval to run premium rate services in the UK.

With the re-emergence of this sought after Web opt-in (PIN Based opt-in) it has opened up services to higher conversion rates and low abandonment rates at the point of sign-up and payment. Web Opt-In (WOI) has been allowed back into the market over recent months and has resulted in ‘serious service providers’ going back into the UK market introducing new services and resurrecting services that previously may have failed due to low conversions (based on MO only opt-in’s).

UK Premium SMS market. Service Overview

Web Opt-in allows UK Premium SMS providers to run services that work better from a conversion point of view than any other type of service opt-in. With Web opt-in, customers can enter their mobile number (after agreeing to the terms) and receive a pin to their mobile to which they enter in on the web site (to opt-in).

For years in the UK market this flow has been forbidden, but in recents months we have formed a partnership with PinChecked*, a compliant Third Party Pin Verification system for the UK Premium SMS market that offers protection for Service Providers and Customers.

txtNation welcome service providers once more to the buoyant UK Premium SMS market.

Author: Michael Whelan

* How PinChecked Works

How Pin Validation Works (Web Opt-In Works) for the UK Premium SMS market.

PinChecked is a regulatory compliant solution that allows UK Premium Rate Service Providers to validate their customer’s mobile numbers online using PIN verification technology. The steps are as follows:

1. Service Provider advertises Premium Rate Service on website or landing page
2. Customer enters their mobile number into the form
3. Customer is asked to verify their mobile number by entering in a PIN number
4. PinChecked technology generates and instantly sends a secure PIN via text message to customer
5. Customer enters PIN number in form to complete the sign up process
6. Service Provider communicates with the PinChecked platform to verify that phone number and PIN match
7. Service Provider receives confirmation from PinChecked that PIN and mobile number are compatible [or not]
8. PinChecked records transactions in a regulatory compliant manner leaving a full audit trail

Source: http://www.pinchecked.com/features.php