Over the last several years we have managed to assist our clients with many Bulk SMS service deployments, across a wide range of scenarios.

Listed here are some of the most common and typical, showing the impact of Bulk SMS on a business from not only a communication point of view but also and often more importantly, a cost savings perspective.

Listed below are ‘real – world’ savings to each of the below businesses:

Purpose of SMS Messages: Average number of SMS messages sent: Process used prior to using SMS: Cost savings made since SMS was introduced: Benefits to the organisation since SMS was introduced:

Patient appointment reminders.

Implemented in April 2010


1200 per month 


No reminders sent. £3k in nurse appointments annually£15k in missed GP appointments annually 


Failed appointments per month have dropped from 40-50 hours to 20 hours with associated cost savings. 

Number of phone numbers they have on record has Quadrupled with patients of all ages volunteering their numbers. No cost to GP practice for implementing the service.

Budget Car Insurance 

Reminders for car insurance renewals


3000 per month Email and hard copy letters. £10,500 annually in resource and paper costs. Budget now experience better conversion on renewals and find that their customers experience a smoother renewal process being informed to their mobile rather than a letter which a large majority were not reading.

Monthly invite for an annual review for patients with long term chronic conditions i.e. asthma



100 first contact attempt texts sent per month 


Surgeries must send three letters to patients inviting them for an annual review of chronic conditions before the Patient is excluded from the process due to non-responsiveness. 


£2676 annually in paper, envelopes, postage, staff time and photocopies. 


Cost and staff time plus quality benefits in improved service to patients.
Greater Anglia Trains 

Customer notifications for disruption to services.

Ad hoc. messaging 

Average: 1000 per month

No real-time alerts for regular customers. Just platform announcements when customers were already in the train station. No costs savings against previous output as no action was being taken. Far improved customer satisfaction.
City North Hotel 

Customer reminders of reservations and details of their stay.

500 per month Emails and postal confirmations. Customers given the choice to opt-out of postal confirmations and choose SMS instead provided savings of £2500 annually. Better customer experience.
Mobile engagement was considered by customers to be more in tune with modern consumer expectations.
National Express 

SMS tickets and confirmations.

5000 per month Printed tickets reduced by 30% with customers opting for a mobile ticket instead. Estimated £8,500 annually

SMS tickets more suited to the target audience using the national express services. More convenient and more immediately delivery of tickets.

Green image for the company for reducing paper usage over a year.

Cost Relief: Savings made through the implementation of Bulk SMS communications.

Author: Danny Marino

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