Big Brother Africa Case Study

Big Brother - txtNation

Country: Africa; Nigeria, Ghana

Service Type: Two-way, Premium SMS (Short Code)

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way Premium SMS (Short-Codes)

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, via the txtNation SMS Gateway, including SMS voting for each eviction and SMS / MMS news alerts.

Downloadable: Casestudy_Big_Brother.pdf


- Time to market, a feature rich platform and a high quality end user experience across all handsets.

- Instantaneous access to revenues through txtNation’s billing gateway and platform.

Course of action

txtNation powered a number of services for Big Brother, including SMS voting for each eviction, SMS / MMS news alerts, text to screen opinions and a number of polls. Each vote was premium rate and a portion of the net revenue generated was donated to charity. txtNation’s long established network of high throughput connections with mobile operators was key to providing a reliable service for such a high volume event. The agreement between Big Brother and txtNation took effect immediately and the mobile offering is being rolled out across the rest of Africa over six – twelve months.


The results were better than expected with overall response rate 4x on previous years. txtNation was critical for Big Brother’s Premium Rate services success.


“Participation TV using SMS has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation.”

Michael Whelan, MD of txtNation


For more information on our SMS Gateway or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

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  1. I was suggested this website by a colleague to keep up to date with what txtNation are doing. We both work in a well know mobile marketing dept.

    Great depth of information.

    Keep it up!


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