Direct Operator Billing – The Future of Mobile Payments?

A lot we have written already about the merits of Direct Operator Billing. Here I have put together a list of reasons we feel at txtNation, who are heavily involved in Direct Operator Payments, will succeed.

What are the 6 Reasons Direct Operator Billing will need to be successful?

txtNation has direct connections to mobile networks globally, several are starting to release direct operator billing, providing a number of benefits:

* Simplicity and ease of use – the operators will now have further relaitonships with their customers.
* Customer satisfaction – One click and transparency on bills.
* Accurate reporting and notifications to consumers e.g. paid, not billed, etc.
* High level of security.
* Low support costs to manage as ease of use.
* High conversion rates – one click, instant billing, no forms.

Consumers are still in this day and age wary about using their credit card on-line, in-app or on a mobile website. We hope Direct Operator Billing will put to rest those fears.

Author: Michael Whelan

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