Texttaxi Case Study


Country: UK

Service Type: Two-way, Non-Premium SMS (Short Code), Bulk SMS

Product: txtNation Gateway SMS API Connectivity

Two-Way SMS

txtNation was approached by Texttaxi who needed a messaging solution for their new venture in aiding people to find a taxi quickly using their mobile handset. txtNation was the natural answer for their needs.

Course of Action

Texttaxi allows people to text the word ‘TAXI’ and the name of their town to a shortcode. In return, they get a message back listing taxi firms and contact numbers in their area, pulling the information from a database.  Travel arrangements can be made with little fuss.


This service is also available online and will give users a directory of local taxi firms. This service has been a boon to natives and tourists alike who need to make travel arrangements quickly and easily. Texttaxi discovered a new way to generate revenue seamlessly because of the flexibility of the txtNation platform and the professionalism and market-leading knowledge of txtNation.

For more information on this service or to contact txtNation about other similar Case Studies, please visit our contact page.

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