HLR lookup can save save thousands for businesses that look to use this information to then deliver Premium SMS or Bulk SMS messages.

How is this possible when using HLR Lookup?

HLR will identify if the phone is on or off and also on what network the customer is contracted to, meaning your message will get ‘through’ once you know this information in advance.

It is very common that companies throw money away when running SMS Push and Bulk SMS Campaigns, mainly due to the lack of correct information in the first place!

Some figures show that some companies lose as much as a whopping 30% from mobile numbers being incorrect, due to for example the customer having previously moved their mobile networks provider.

That’s 30% of a business’ cost that can be used to elsewhere – i.e. a better data source!

Using HLR Lookup takes away all of the guesswork out of SMS messaging and with this it also increases significantly the delivery rate to ‘real’ mobile numbers, that are in service.

txtNation provides companies both an API and an online system that can be used to validate and check a mobile number, in real time.

Costs of Number Lookup

Performing a lookup on a mobile number can cost under a quarter of the cost of sending an SMS message. It also can be used to check if the data lists are valid, therefore saving significant marketing costs when it comes to sending the SMS messages later on. This can also be said to be true for Premium SMS, as by a business knowing the mobile number and network, you can best identify the route in which to later charge the mobile user for a service that is ‘paid’ for. e.g. PSMS Web Opt-In.

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Author: Michael Whelan

To ensure quality on your Bulk SMS campaigns, you need to be sure the messages get sent via an Bulk SMS Gateway that is reliable and is cost effective, right?

Well, yes your right on these points, but how do you measure reliability and how do you know if your ‘future’ Bulk SMS messages will arrive on the handset?

No interconnects for your Bulk SMS Gateway?

When choosing an SMS Gateway, you need to be sure that they have direct routes into the mobile networks. Over the course of the last year, mobile networks worldwide are working on ensuring Bulk SMS providers messages do not come from off-shore routes and are always ‘terminated and sent’ from their network. There are some mobile networks that have even gone as far as to cut off this outside connection, meaning to get your message through, the SMS needs to be routed via the mobile operators network ‘only’.

Are the days of using low quality, cheap off-shore Bulk SMS service providers delivering to hundreds of markets coming to an end?

Over time I think that Bulk SMS service providers will need to connect to SMS gateways or aggregators that have the relationships direct!

Obviously not every service provider can get a mobile ‘direct’ connection like us (we don’t expect that!, besides they can use our gateway for this), so they must make sure when choosing an SMS Aggregator to handle their Bulk SMS messaging that they look for this is in place.

Bulk SMS Gateway – Quality first!

At txtNation, we are connected to mobile operators to facilitate Bulk SMS in many markets around the world. This makes it simple to route and terminate messages on the mobile network.

Every day we advise clients on the impact of using these other options as it’s become more of an integral part of the process of speaking with clients on delivering ‘quality’ Bulk SMS options.

Don’t be surprised if more of these off-shore routes are closed down as time goes on and the focus goes back to where it should be – reliable, quality messaging throughput via an SMS Aggregator!

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Author: Michael Whelan